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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community owned, full service store providing nutritious, locally produced food, education, jobs and a nurturing environment to promote healthy lifestyles.

 Our Vision

More happy people
More local economy
More healthy food

Co-Ops Are Special

Anyone can join
You own it
What you want
Where you want it

Mama Squash Board Members


Elizabeth L. Krueger, President

I am an Attorney practicing Family Law in DuPage County for 35 years.  In addition to my legal education and career, I am a Registered Nurse and have a degree in Professional Arts.  

I learned about Co-operative grocery stores a few years ago and am totally sold on the idea of a cooperative store – owned by the people, run by the people for the good of the community - promoting healthy and sustainable food sources and improving the local economy. I will work hard to make that a reality for our community.


1st Vice President, TBA



Thomas J. D’Alessandro, 2nd Vice President

I have been a resident of Villa Park for 20years and have 27 years of experience working as a professional tradesman, Foreman, and Superintendent. My experience is varied and includes onsite management, architectural millwork and custom cabinetry fabrication (shopping centers, malls, schools and high-rise office buildings), supervising new and remodeled tenant improvements, and coordinating subcontractors, trade members, and project managers. Furthermore, I have worked with a wide variety of people while consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding customer expectations. I have served as Scoutmaster to Boy Scout Troop 140 in Lombard, as Block Captain for the Southwest Neighborhood Watch, as a School Board member at St. Pius X School as well as the Committee Chairman of the Environmental and Facilities Committee for St. Pius X. I have also dedicated many years to coordinating and completing numerous projects for St. Pius X Church, including constructing new class rooms, installing new windows and building a new baptismal font. Also, while being a property and an apartment building owner, I am held accountable to make sure everything is maintained and running correctly for my tenants.




Zack Rogals, Treasurer

I am a business graduate of Northern Illinois University. I currently work as an accountant with a large auditing firm. As someone with extensive business knowledge, I am very interested in the positive impact co-ops have in our communities. As our village's downtown areas go through a revitalization, Mama Squash will undoubtedly be a great addition to Villa Park, IL. I am also interested in the health and education aspect of co-ops. The new co-op will offer village residents healthy alternative food and proper education that our community needs.


Betty J. Amore, Director

I am a professional Buyer by trade and have over 20 years of experience, mostly in the metals industry. Over the years I have learned that as consumers, we have tremendous power. What we buy, and where we buy it does make a difference. Having a co-op in our community takes “Shop Villa Park” one step further because grocery stores have a huge impact on the local economy due to the volume and variety of goods and services they purchase. The co-op will make buying local top priority, providing a retail outlet for many local farmers and producers of healthy, sustainable foods. Co-ops also create quality jobs, promote environmental stewardship, and promote healthy lifestyles. For the past two years, I have been doing research and volunteer work aimed at opening a co-op in our community. As a member of the board for Mama Squash Market, I will continue that effort until our dream is realized!



Kristin Krueger, Director

Kristin Krueger is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who knows well that what is good for the body is good for the brain. She feels passionately about educating on the importance of eating well and that all people are able to eat a healthy diet. Additionally, she grew up in Villa Park during a time when both downtowns were thriving and during a time when mom and pop shops were the norm. She is very excited to be a part of the revitalization of the village with a group of people and with public administrators who are motivated to create a lovely, economically viable and environmentally friendly downtown.



Peggy McKenzie, Director

I am a Registered Nurse who has worked in a variety of settings from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago,to home care and most recently with physically challenged students in Naperville District 203 schools. Over the course of 37 years of practice I have become convinced that the most important medicine we can put in our bodies is the food we eat. A healthy diet is the best prophylaxis against disease. I want to help people understand more about the food choices they make and have access to fresh, local, sustainably produced options. I believe that Mama Squash Market can be a resource for better health, both for individuals and the community.



Rob McKenzie - Steering Committee Member

Currently working as a Network Analyst for the College of DuPage.
Enjoy healthy eating and exercise as well as light sport flying.

I have had a life long interest in food. I have found that my perceptions of what is healthy has changed over time as I learn more and am introduced to new ideas. Find that my diet has a profound impact on how I feel and how much energy I have. In turn this ultimately determines who I am. I want my activities and nutritional choices to be a mindful place and to experience the benefits of making good choices. Being part of a community with similar goals and values, is why I really enjoy the time I spend volunteering with MamaSquash. My father's favorite saying was "always leave things better than you found them" I think Mama Squash can fulfill that ideal.


Advisory Board



Amanda Porter: Web Content 



Julie Lukas-Krueger: Social Media Manager



Jerome Spearman: Technical Advisor


Site Selection Committee




L to R: Tom D'Alessandra, Kelly Kilboy, and Katie Abdul-Haqq



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