Mama Squash Scholarship


We are offering the chance to win a membership for an individual or family to the Food Cooperative Mama Squash Market!  Application is due on 9/1/15 and winner will be announced on 9/15/15. 


Basic Requirements:

  1. Become a volunteer! Dedicate at least 10 hours this summer in the volunteer activity of your choice. 
  2. Attend at least one steering committee meeting (Tuesdays at 8 pm at VP library).  Let us know which one.
  3. Complete Essay described below.
  4. All ages are welcome, but volunteers under 18 years of age, need parental consent.


How to become a volunteer:

Send an email to:  If you do not have email, you can call:  312.343.8660 and arrange a plan to drop it off at the VP library. Include your full name, birthday, telephone number and address.  List your preferences for volunteering, such as distributing fliers, working at the French or Farmer’s market, assembling items at home, hosting a house party, marketing or other special skills.  Other ideas are welcome!.


We will then contact you with some options to get started.  We will also post events on Facebook.  All volunteer hours need to be verified by the volunteer coordinator.


How to complete the essay:

Write 150 words on why you would like to become a member of the Mama Squash Market.  This can include why the mission statement is important for you and why you want to be a part of Mama Squash Market.  Send it via email to:

Or you can drop off your application at the Villa Park library during a Tuesday night meeting. 


How are applicants judged?

The steering committee will take into account 1.  The essay, 2. the total number of hours worked, and 3. The dedication and creativity of the volunteer in meeting the mission of Mama Squash Market.


Mama Squash Scholarship Application



Date:  __________________________________


Name:  ______________________________________________________________


Birthdate: ____________________________


Telephone:  __________________________


Email:  ________________________________


If applicant is younger than 18 years old, a guardian must sign:



Printed name



Signed name



Tell us your preferences for volunteering:



Farmer’s Market

Other:  _______________________________________________________________________________________




*********************************OFFICE USE***************************************





# of hours








































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